Authentic Mid-Century Home – “Brady Bunch”-Inspired House – Are The 70’s Making A Comeback?

It has those iconic rock walls and everything.

Are the 70’s really making a comeback?

I recently sold a home that was built in the late 60’s, 1967 to be exact, but had a very 70’s flair to it.  The sellers of the home had it built and they lived in and lovingly cared for the home for all of these years.  The home was in good condition when the home went on the market but it was virtually all original and had that 70’s look and feel to it.  The sellers were sure that there was someone out there that would love the home as-is and would want to buy it and live in it.  I knew it would be difficult to find that buyer and virtually everyone that toured the home viewed it as a “tear down” so that they could start over and build new.  But then one day the perfect couple toured the home and fell in love with it.  They loved virtually everything about it so that they bought it.  They do plan to put in a new kitchen but they plan to leave everything else pretty much as it is.  This made the seller very happy and it was nice to see that someone like this young couple appreciated and wanted to keep and preserve this home that had been so loved by the original owners.

My experience above was rather eye opening and then this morning I was reading some real estate stuff and came across an article about this “Brady Bunch” inspired house.  It was built just one year after the house described above and it too is virtually all original.  Even the carpet and drapes are said to be original to the house.  This house is also for sale; however, it is located in Napa, CA.  Maybe there is a perfect someone out there that will love this home just the way it is too!  Could it be you?  Take a look at the additional photos below and let me know what you think!





Source: Authentic Mid-Century Home – “Brady Bunch”-Inspired House